My Favorite Tools & Products

Everyday, I depend on products and digital tools to make me more effective and efficient in how I work and how I live. From note taking, to organizing and beyond, I’m always excited to explore new products and tools that empower me to live and work better. Here is a list of my favorite products and tools. 

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Twitter, Digital Tool

The newest tool on this list, BlackMagic.


Organization, Digital Tool

I use Notion for absolutely everything. For building out lists of content ideas, to managing my tasks all the way to being my dedicated personal CRM.


Digital Tool, Website Builder, Startup

Every since I met the TypeDream team and started using the website builder to build out a landing page for a platform I was working on, I was hooked.


Backpack, Product

If you’ve met me IRL, you know that I obsess about backpacks. I’m also picky, I don’t fall in love with every backpack I try! My knack backpack has outlasted all of my other backpacks, and I don’t just mean in durability!

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